We have often heard Marketers say that even if a company or an organisation has the best product to offer, if it does not render proper services then it all goes for a toss! Same is the case with Silver Beach Cafe, Juhu. This place is a small cafe with a nice and cozy ambiance in the lonely back lanes of Juhu. I had initially called at this place to ask for a reservation and they refused the same. When I walked in and asked for a table for two, even when only one table was occupied on the ground level, I could not choose my own table. I was accommodated on a highly uncomfortable side table with wooden chairs. When I asked for a sofa seating I was told that there was a cover charge of Rs. 6,000! My goodness, this place isn't even a sea facing cafe that they were trying to be this flamboyant!

Soon, I handed over a set of cupcakes that I had carried for the occasion to the waiter and instructed him to get it arranged in a plate when I asked for desserts. I also apprised a waitress about the same. But all in vain! All the while I was tarrying for my friend and as soon as he was there, he had barely taken a seat and the cup cakes arrived! I never knew one had desserts before even ordering for a beverage or an appetizer. Moreover, I hadn't asked him to get the 'desserts'. So, sheer lack of listening skills in the staff and the attitude that they threw was just 'to be done with everything.' Hospitality is an art, but here it was more mechanical like science!

Now coming to the food part, this place has finger licking Chippy Caesar's Salad. Also the Lemon and Peach Iced Tea here is worth it! The Saigon Spiced Cottage Cheese Melange was not that great! It was more of an Indo- Oriental concoction! Not up to the mark. The Pesto sauce Fettuccine with sun dried tomatoes was mesmerizing and indeed very heavy! And for sure, this place has one of the best Cheese Fondues with the sides! But all of these delish and melt-in-your-mouth delicacies were to no avail when we had just spent about two hours in the restaurant and the Asst. Manager, walked up to us and said, 'Excuse me, there are people waiting outside!' I have never been treated in such a manner at any restaurant! Even the Shiv Sagars and Sukh Sagars with almost the entire population of our country waiting outside would never shoo away their customers in that manner! Then this place according to the price they charged should live up to the standards of cordiality and graciousness.

There was no proper service in terms of the waiters offering the menu card to you for the next course, they would take your order in a hasty and disinterested manner, the bill arrived after requesting thrice, the change arrived even later! In all, along with an attitude problem, this place also has operations issues! I strongly recommend some kind of a Hospitality Consultant for them, especially their Asst. Manager needs some counseling and training sessions on how to take charge in the absence of the Head Manager! I indeed felt extremely 'unwanted' at this place even after 'wanting' the food so much!