Shital's Food Cottage is a sterling example of the mushrooming home bakers in the city. They had an amazing display of eggless, healthy and low calorie goodies at the Enrich Salon, Santacruz. The stuff was really fascinating and innovative. We did bring home a lot of the sweets to our family's delight.

Firstly, there were these Granola Bars which are so full of energy and goodness that it's the perfect thing to bite into while you're busy studying or working and are in need of an energy booster.

They had played around a lot with the salubrity of nuts and had cookies and chocolates full of nuts and dry fruits. So, you if you like to go nutty then I am going to leave their contact number and you can satisfy your cravings in no time.

There were some whole wheat cookies with fruit fudges like a strawberry fudge coating. One thing that we tried was a healthy cookie made out of peanut butter. It looked so cute and tasted even better.

Now I have never seen or heard of such a thing before but here it was- A Cupcake Cookie with a frosting made out of the ever refreshing Tang!

Now as we were cruising through this array of guiltless indulgence we had to lay our hands on some Christmas Special Cake Pops which were made of Dark Chocolate but had a coating of white chocolate. They were heavenly!

Now, I have never before had a tastier or healthier Carrot Cake before this. The frosting on top was made up of a Dates puree so you really do not need to think before tucking yourself into this.

Since the Berries Season has set in we couldn't really miss out on some fresh Strawberry Cake as well.

There were also a plethora of healthy cakes or I'd like to call it as - 'Healthy Caking Options.' They looked so delicious. Probably on a next birthday/ anniversary in your house you can try these out.

Now, we couldn't really miss out on the Lemon Cheesecake here. But yeah, here I'd like to say that I generally enjoy Cheesecakes in a slice form rather than scooping it out from the cute disposable container. And yes, I am looking forward to Shital's Food Cottage introducing some Baked Philadelphia Cheesecake.

Among other non- sweet things they had these Magic Potion like bottles filled with some Basil infused Oil and Garlic infused Oil which could be used a salad dressing to jazz up a boring salad or you can even drizzle the same on a plateful of your pasta to enhance the flavour!