A new addition to Juhu, Jal- An Indian Element introduces Mumbai to the royal Awadhi Cuisine. This fine dining restaurant is seated in the Z Residency Hotel and it's edgy atmosphere along with the greenhouse glass like setting make it a perfect destination for a candle light dinner. 

Watermelon Juice + Sangria + Pineapple Caramel

Jal has a simple menu with easy-to-fathom divides- Appetisers, Curries, Bread, Biryani and Desserts. We started off with some Watermelon Juice and Sangria to pair along with our starters followed by this amazing cocktail named Pineapple Caramel which was Vodka based and simply insane with our main course.
The Condiments

Our tables were then laid with some quarter plates and condiments and I was in love with the Chutneys this place had to offer. 

Ajwaini Rataloo

Now the Ajwaini Rataloo is a specialty at this place which is sweet potatoes marinated with carom seeds and other spices. This was quite different and the sweetness of the sweet potato complemented the Masalas used really well.

Anjeer and Banana Tikka

This starter too had a hint of sweetness to it due to the presence of Banana. I am not very fond of Anjeer but I liked the way it was incorporated in this one.

Peshawari Paneer Tikka

Now, you go to a North Indian place and come back without having a Paneer Starter, doesn't happen, right? So, well the Peshawari Paneer Tikka was average, the Paneer could have been more succulent than it was. We also tried the Paneer Till Tikka which was slightly bland.

Uttari Saag Tadka

Now, moving on to our main course, we called for some Cheese Garlic Naana which were flawless- fluffy, cheesy, garlicky but not overtly so! So, all the flavours were perfectly balanced.  Among the curries, the Uttari Saag was just fine the Northern Spices had an extreme taste. However, I enjoyed their Dum Ka Paneer not because of the Paneer but because of the Pumpkin and Tomato based gravy flavoured with some Putli Masala. The Veg Biryani with Raita also worked wonders for all Biryani lovers.

Cheese Garlic Naan + Dum Ka Paneer + Biryani

Although this places mainly comes under North Indian cuisine, one can make out that a lot of thought has been put into designing the Menu as they have explored different flavours and also experimented with unusual ingredients.

Zaffrani Firni

Now, the Firni here was the best! The sweet, creamy custard like tart flavoured with Pistacchio and saffron is just so delectable and worth all those guilt pangs!

Thandai Falooda

This was plain average. I would prefer the Falooda at any of the Shiv Sagar outlets way more than this one due to a generous dry fruits and nuts helping that they give!

Nizami Shahi Tukda
The Nizami Shahi Tukda is the best example of traditional Indian Bread Pudding flavoured with cardomom and orange which was again a gorgeous creation!

So, I think a family dinner at Jal should be a part of your bucket list now!