Khar Social is one of the most happening places in town with some amazing music and a great vibe! There are some nice seating options as well like drink while you swing and also while you're seated on a gunny bag in the outdoors. We were served in aluminum plates like those of prisoners and had a toilet roll on our table instead of the normal tissue papers. Sound interesting, eh!

Well, the Menu was like a newspaper and the first two things we ordered here were the Candy Floss Martini which has to be a girl's favourite one owing to it's color and its fruity flavour followed by the Screw Social Driver which had Vodka with Orange Juice and some Pomegranate juice. We also called for a plate of Nachoes as our finger food. Loved the Salsa!
Screw Social Driver + Nachoes

We then called for some Mac N Cheese with Jalapenos which was okayish. The Macaroni was not al dente and the sauce was just fine.

Mac N Cheese    

We then lay our hands on some Cheese Chilli Toast as we were really hungry! And booze totally opens up your appetite!
Cheese Chilli Toast

The Paneer Chilly was different and tasted good. The Marinade was good so the dish had to taste well.

Paneer Chilli

They had only one vegetarian burger on their Menu and we called for that. The patty was good, however, the Burger was a little dry. It could have been jazzed up with some more sauce or mustard and the bun too was droughty.
Veg Burger

And then in the end we called for their Layer Cake with some chocolate sauce which was really good!
Layer Cake
All in all do not miss out on the Candy Floss Martini and the Layer Cake at Khar Social. And of course if you love the loud music and the pub like atmosphere, this is surely the place for you!