We visited this small outlet of Nom Nom at 7 Bungalows and it was all candle lit and elegant and really easy on the eye. I am going to have a small clip of the ambience on my Instagram, so do not forget to check it out (@henna_rnc)

So we started off our meal with the Tom Kha Gai Vegetable Soup which had a coconut milk base. It was really nice but quite heavy.

Tom Kha Gai Vegetable Soup
After falling in love with Sushis at Joss, we thought of ordering some here as well. We went in for the Asparagus Tempura Maki Roll which was INSANE! I loved it!

Asparagus Tempura Maki Roll

We loved it so much that we thought of experimenting with another variant of the Sushi, we then called for the California Dream- In Maki Roll which was a vinegar rice roll filled with cucumber, avocado and crisp lettuce served with Japanese pink Ginger and wasabi. But we didn't like this one as much.

California Dream in Maki Roll

Now the next thing we ordered was super light to munch on, the crackling spinach with burnt garlic which was basically crispy spinach leaves wok tossed with burnt garlic chips. 

Crackling Spinach with Burnt Garlic

We had then called for a Khao Suey (SORRY NO PICTURE) The Khao Suey was good but it was quite dry. They did not dunk the noodles in the gravy and serve. We had to do it all by ourselves. We even had to put the toppings on our own. I prefer the pre- served version with all ingredients in the right proportion. 

We then ordered some Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with a Malaysian Curry which had veggies cooked in a spicy curry flavoured with fennel. It was really nice. We enjoyed the aroma of the Burnt Garlic before devouring the entire bowl.

Burnt Garlic Rice

Then for our dessert, we tried their Cheesecake which was really below average. It wasn't gooey but literally hard. The Caramel Block was just average. I do not recommend either of the two.

Cheesecake + Caramel Block

The best dessert was the fried ice cream with dragon fruit, there were 3 scoops of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla each and this was simply delicious!

Fried Ice Cream with Dragon Fruit

You must give Nom Nom a try guys! After all the name says it all- 'Nom Nom' is the sound of eating. And that's all you'd be doing here.