The Happy Place is like a figment of your imagination which has a small outlet in the Vile Parle (West) Market. Now this is what you call making the utmost use of the available space...

As a customer, this place is like a whirl of happiness coming your way with a lovely deli counter, two tables with some X and 0 game and Uno Cards, a hammock to perch on after a long day at work, a happy wall, a book shelf for the bibliophiles and some cute knick knacks to grab your attention here and there.

This place serves some nice beverages and desserts. We tried their Hot Chocolate which was quite good, especially on a wintry day.

Their Chocolate Pizzas are to die for... You have to pack them home in case you're not having them here. Their Cupcakes look so tempting!

I am sure you're going to forget the adjoining HangOut Outlet after you visit this one.

Two things that are a 'Must Try' here is their Swiss Roll which is like one of their specialties as not many patisseries in town plate up a good Swiss Roll.

Swiss Roll Slice

Secondly, it is their Red Velvet Brownie which tastes quite different as against the quintessential Brownies!

Red Velvet Brownie

If you live in and around Vile Parle, then I am sure your trip to the market is going to be a Happy One from now on :-)