The Homemade Cafe- the name itself is so comforting and so is the place full of coziness. This is a small cafe started by a clique of telly stars. They have put up the place together very well, must say!

There are about 4-5 tables and I sincerely advise you not to land here in large groups. You will seriously not have the space. A group of 2- 4 is just ideal.

Now, now before I move on to the food review, I'd just like to say that the service is pretty slow. In fact the waiters do not even jot down your order whilst you're giving it out to him. (Probably he was trying to test his memory skills) But then he came back to us atleast thrice to confirm what we wanted. I think they really need to incorporate a Paper and Pen into their work culture.
Peach Iced Tea

Now, the Peach Iced Tea was just fine. Nothing extraordinary.

Cold Coffee

The Cold Coffee was nice with lots of Chocolate Syrup in it which made it even more sinful.

Jain White Sauce Nachoes

Now, if you're a Jain then I must say this place is not for you. As there is hardly any variety for you guys. They gave us Nachoes with white sauce... I bet I can make better ones at home!
Fusili Pasta in Pesto Sauce

The Fusili Pasta in Pesto Sauce was really yummy! You must call a portion of this if you happen to land here.

Potato Wedges

The Potato Wedges were nice but the quantity was a disappointment. This is one of the finest examples wherein garnishing eats up your actual food.

Jain White Pasta

Now my Jain friends literally had to cajole the waiter to give them some food! So, here is some Fusili pasta in the same white sauce plated up to them.

Exotic Veggies Sandwich

Now, this sandwich was really good. We especially enjoyed the refreshing taste of zucchini in the same. Luckily, they also served us a Jain variant of the same which was edible enough.

Lemon Cheese Tart

We were so excited for the Lemon Cheese Tart as we love Cheese based desserts. However this dessert gets a big thumbs down from my end as the flavour was alike to a lemon based soap!

Chocolate Brownie
We ordered one more dessert to cleanse our palate and that was the Chocolate Brownie. It was presented to us in this lovely cutlery set and was a savior after the tart.