Snap @ The Little Door

Whilst the rest of the country was ushering in the New Year with the Gudi Padwa festivities, we at Food Blogger’s Association of India were busy Bar Hopping last Friday evening! I went for the Andheri Pub Crawl organised by the Mumbai Cocktail Week. We started off with The Little Door wherein I totally enjoyed my girly signature Cocktail named Snap which was bubbling with fruity flavours. We would have well appreciated a portion of finger food that would go well with the Signature Cocktails. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from ordering some for ourselves and doing our own food pairings.

The Blue Flip @ The Beer Cafe

Well, so next we took an OLA Ride to The Beer Café and yes, you guessed it right, we got a free ride! Some perks of being a food blogger. Now, The Beer Café Cocktails were not that great as I personally feel that Beer is good to go only when had standalone. It’s flavour can’t be appreciated in a melange of other liquids. And yes, we also called for a Pizza at this place which took like ages to come! The service really needs to buck up here.

Soho Xpresso @ Sohos Tapas Bar

Then our third place on the list was Sohos Tapas Bar which was the best out of the lot. We were in love with the Raspberry Gimlet and the Soho Xpresso which was a Kahlua/ Coffee flavoured Martini. We paired it with some loaded Nachoes and ended our boozing spree here. The Vibe at this place was simply puh-fect! It gave you that TGIF feeling.

Raspberry Gimlet @ Sohos Tapas Bar