The Poolside is a restaurant on the first level of VITS, which is a corporate hotel in Andheri East. They have beautifully created an artificial open air ambience by the poolside. The place is actually covered on top and is air conditioned. However, looking at the impressive entrance we had more expectations of the feel and vibe of this place. The tables, chairs and decor in general were below average. It was like a buffet in somebody's marble chipped terrace.

 We first started off with a few salads. Here is just a snippet of their Carrot studded salad. I also liked their Anda Salad.

We then moved on to some Chaat. Now I must admit, as attractive as the Chaat Counter looked, it turned out to be a really big turn off. Their Sev Puri lacked proper Chutneys, and we did not quite appreciate the taste of the dominating tomatoes in it. It gave us the feeling of having Jain food. Their Dahi Puri was average.

Sev Puri
Dahi Puri
We were then served some appretisers. One thing in which I would rate this place a complete 10/10 is their hospitality and service to us. The attendants were well dresses in Desi Rajasthani Attire. The Chef came down to our table to host us for the evening and took us around the buffet table to explain the spread and the ingredients that went into the making. Also, the service was pretty prompt.

Mini Samosas + Methi Bhujias
Now among the starters, the Mini Samosas were really nice. The refreshing flavour of the Mint in these made us binge on them for a while. The Methi Bhujias were something different and well above average.

Dal Baati Churma

Rajasthani Cuisine to me shouts out Dal Baati Churma to me loud and clear. So, before going ahead with the Rotis and the other Main Course we wanted to satiate our urge for this one. The Dal was good but could have been slightly better. The Baati was quite hard and we had a tough time breaking the chunky pieces with our spoon and fork. The Churma was good and jazzed up the dish. But overall, we did enjoy the Dal Baati but we would have relished it if the Dal tasted better and the Baati was easily breakable. 

Bitter Gourd + Mixed Veggie
Other two Veggies
Then we tried their Missi Roti from the Bread options we had. We really loved their Missi Roti, it was nice, light and fluffy and just the thing we could devour after our heavy helping of the Dal Baati Churma. When it came to the vegetables, they had all these off beat options like Bharma Karela and Tan Man Vegetable. They had another Methi based vegetable with a Baigan Tomato Sabzi. I would have appreciated something more mainstream alongwith two or three of these as options as most of us would not like these Exotic Indian Greens.

Pulao with Marwadi Curry
Then we ended our main course with a spoonful of the Vegetable Pulao with the Marwadi Curry. This was decent and ended our meal on the right note.


Then coming to the Desserts, they had three options. The Sukhdi was average, we get better ones free of cost at Jain temples. The Rabdi with small chunks of Gulab Jamun was also okayish. What stole the show here was the Acrot Halwa. Walnuts can add zing to simply anything and this was worthy of being the last bite.

 Overall, our experience at VITS was not a great one, but I strongly feel they have scope of improvement when it comes to their:
1) Ambience
2) Designing their Menu
3) Improving the Taste of a few items