5 Must Have Cheesecakes in Mumbai | Best Cheesecakes in Town

I think the best form of Cheese I have ever had is in the form of a luscious Cheesecake! Whether you've failed an exam or had a breakup, these two words can never fail you, 'Cheese' + 'Cake'.

Since quite a while, cheesecakes are all the rage in town! My favourite Cheesecake is the
Classic Baked Philadelphia Cheesecake. The subtle nuances of the Vanilla Extract with the occasional sparks of the lemon zest can just make your day.

I am going to list down 5 places in Mumbai where you will get the best Baked Cheesecakes. So, go
lay your hands on them now!

1. TO -DIE- FOR- CHEESECAKE at Pizza Express (multiple outlets) - If I had to live on just one dessert for all my life, it undoubtedly would be the in house Cheesecake at Pizza Express. Sometimes, I tend to frequent this place and not have their Pizzas but just gobble up their Cheesecake. It's the perfect dupe for The Cheesecake Factory Baked Cheesecake only for Rs. 325. I think the trick is in the batter for this Cheesecake. Having it with a scoop of gelato just doubles the magic.

2. PERFECT- FOR- A- DATE- CHEESECAKE at Cafe Moshes (Juhu) - The Baked Philly at Cafe Moshes is an indulgence at another level altogether. It's best eaten when shared with your loved one in the cozy, romantic setting just adjacent to the beach. There are no accompaniments or toppings served with this Cheesecake. Honestly, you won't really miss them! This slice of happiness will cost you Rs. 240.

3. MELT-IN-THE-MOUTH-CHEESECAKE at Leo's Boulangerie (Andheri) and The Leopold Cafe (Colaba)- The one thing that sets apart this Leo's Cheesecake is it's round shape and the fact that is costs only Rs. 120. It's as soft as a candy floss and simply vanishes in your mouth leaving behind its tingling decadence. It has some whipped cream on the top along with finely chopped fruits, more so for the aesthetic appeal.

4. THE-ALL-DAY-CHEESECAKE at The Nutcracker (Fort) - The Cheesecake at Nutcracker is so versatile in nature that you can treat yourself to one at anytime of the day right from breakfast, to post lunch, to some high tea to a rich supper! All berry lovers out there will surely enjoy their Blueberry Compote as well. You pay a plausible amount of Rs. 290 for this sweet treat.

5. SAY- CHEEEESE- CAKE at The Bombay Baking Company, JW Marriott- Now, even though the BBC is a patisserie in a five star hotel, the Baked Cheesecake here is surprisingly priced at Rs. 150 only! The delicious creamy piece of heaven is totally worth it. Also, the BBC has a really vibrant setting and do not forget to click pictures for that social media fetish with a plush backdrop. And yeah, don't forget to feature the Cheesecake!

To check out the drool-worthy Cheesecakes check out the video below!

P.S. All these Cheesecakes contain Eggs.

The Connotations used in this blogpost to refer to different Cheesecakes are my personal
descriptions for the same and not the original names that the restaurant has given in their Menus.