It was a rainy Sunday morning when I received the Nature's Godrej Basket L'exclusif food basket.

I was delighted to start my day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and the perfectly baked L'exclusif cranberry and oats cookies.

The sweet and hearty Alphonso Conserve made it to my plate for lunch and gave a tough competition to my daily dose of pickle!

The L'exclusif chocolate coated hazlenuts satisfied my craving for a post lunch dessert.

The jalapeƱo flavoured Nacho crunchers accompanied with a doze of cheeze sauce and some homemade salsa served as the perfect evening snack.

The L'exclusif Peanut Bar Bites perfectly complemented a mug of beer on a rainy evening.

Finally the fresh fig ice cream was a delight after my dinner and tasted exactly like the one I had thoroughly enjoyed at Naturals Ice Cream. The only difference being, this was eaten in the comforts of my home!

All of these exclusive products are certainly worth a try and none of them will disappoint you.