Better than Starbucks Cold Coffee Recipe | How to save money at Starbucks India

Who doesn't like Starbucks, eh! And if I promise you a Cold/ Iced Coffee which is better than Starbucks I am sure you'd wanna give me a tight hug! (Hopefully, some day!)

We're going to use basic and easily available ingrediets to make our own version of a Better Than Starbucks Cold/ Iced Coffee at home.

Ingredients Mentioned:
1. Nescafe Cappuccino Sachet
2. Nescafe Instant Coffee (For Better results use Nescafe Gold)
3. Granulated Sugar
4. Vanilla Extract
5. Vanilla Ice Cream
6. Choco Chips/ Chocolate Sprinkles
7. Whipped Cream
8. Milk
9. A Cute Mason Jar
10. A Fancy Straw

Apart from the kick of caffeine, I have also tried to work on the aesthetics of our Jarful of Cold/ Iced Coffee. Also, do not forget to check out the Ordering Tips at Starbucks India outlets to save some money on your Starbucks Beverages.


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