How to Organise your Carry On Bag for Work/ College

We often wonder what to carry in our daily use carry on bag that we take to work or college. Either we manage with a sling bag and then go around borrowing things from others or we carry a huge bag with a lot of unnecessary things and end up with a bad shoulder ache.

Let us try and be more organized and review our day so that we exactly know what all we need to stuff in that sassy purse!

I believe in compartmentalizing things for the sake of convenience and to ensure that I do not endlessly dig into my bag for something that was lying in the side pockets! :P

Since, I am a big foodie and need to munch on something or the other every two to three hours I also carry some light snacks with me. This will also give you some quick snacking tips while you're on the go!
The Products mentioned in this video are:

1. A Beige colored Purse from Baggit
2. Baby Pink Pouch from Nykaa
3. Black Pouch from Forever 21
4. Sun Screen - The Body Shop/ La Shield
5. Lip Balm - Born Lippy, The Body Shop
6. Perfume/ Body Splash (Travel Size)- Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea Scent Spray
7. Comb
8. Sanitizer
9. Safety Pins
10. Tick Tacks, Clips, Hair Ties
11. Pink Pouch from The Fab Bag
12. Mobile Charger/ Portable Charger
13. Earphones
14. Pen Drive
15. Wallet - Cash, Cards and ID Proofs
16. Sunglasses in a Hard Case from Forever 21
17. Scarf
18. Tissues/ Wet Wipes
19. Notebook
20. Pen

1. Dry Fruits & Nuts
2. Seasonal Fruits/ Watermelon (in this case)
3. Cool Mints
4. Energy/ Protein Bars - Yoga Bar
5. Dark Chocolate- Bournville/ Lindt
6. A Bottle of Water