Cocktails & Mocktails on a Sunny Day :)

Last Sunday, I had a slap up meal at the newly opened Sodabottleopenerwala at Powai bang opposite the IIT Bombay. The décor of the place was as eclectic as it could get, deriving from Irani cafes in Old Bombay, Parsi dairies and Bakeries. The cuisine here comes as a breath of fresh air against the quintessential Indian and continental fares.

Eggs Kejriwal & Chilli Cheese Toast

We started off on a delightful note with an Eggs Kejriwal and a Cheese Chilli Toast on Pav. As we chomped off our amazing entrees we enjoyed reading the blackboard with all instructions related to the etiquettes to be observed by the guests – No picking nose, no legs on the table and no flirting with the staff! It was hilarious!

Veg Berry Pulao
Among the beverages we tried a Raspberry based mocktail which was a sheer disappointment and a Vodka based cocktail Bumsuckerwala which actually lived up to our expectations. However, the other whiskey based drink Mumma nu Double Dose was apparently better.

Dhanshak with Brown Rice & Kachumbar
For the main course, I was quite impressed that they served vegetarian Berry Pulao which was delish. I especially enjoyed the cashews in the pulao along with some light gravy. We also called for the Parsi delicacy – Dhanshak which was served in a horse-and-buggy like stainless steel tiffin along with some brown rice and Kachumber which is a salad consisting of cucumber, onions and tomatoes with a dash of lemon and cilantro.

Lagan Nu Custard
Now, the desserts here will leave one with an unforgiveable greed for more. We had the very famous Lagan nu Custard, without which any Parsi wedding is incomplete. It was a delicious caramel custard with a smidgen of cardamom. The Persian Halwa was dished out in lovely floral ceramic cutlery which made it all the more appetizing. It was somewhat similar to our rich and ghee laden Sheera. But the two were perfect to end our Sunday Preview Luncheon.

Persian Halwa


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